Good Publicity … bought or Earned???

It has never been my intention to write anything concerning politics in my blog and I do not intend to deviate from it. So, the posting below is not about politics but it is my take on government and its responsibilities.  May I hear your views, do you think RM20mil. should be spend to …..   build ‘good’ publicity for Malaysia overseas?

This posting was prompted by this in The Malaysian Insider.


To spend such a huge amount of money just to buy good publicity would be an irresponsible act, an act that shows the government that is more concerned with good publicity for itself than for the welfare of its people.

The ‘good’ publicity generated by such ‘purchase’ has no lasting value as it is not generated based on substantial efforts laid by the government to uplift the livelihood of Malaysians. It is derived from mercenaries whose sole aim is to have a big pay day for themselves.

Even if the ‘good’ publicity is obtained by such hyped-up advertising exercises the result obtained for the government will not last. The foreigners will see through the hollowness of such fabricated efforts in no time. It would be such shameful waste of taxpayers’ money.

If the BN govt. wants  genuine good publicity for itself, it should act more responsibly with the taxpayers’ money. It should use this RM20mil. to implement programmes and projects that can generate more income and that can ease the hardship of the poor Malaysians. The resultant consequences of such programmes and projects will create better and truly substantial publicity for itself. For it has the most important ingredients – genuineness and substance – in them. Such genuine good publicity does not come overnight nor does it just appear without thinking and effort.  Does the Najib’s govt, has the tenacity, the perseverance and the doggedness? Does his govt. put the people’s interests above all else? Does it see how it uses the taxpayers’ money a moral obligation to be discharged with the utmost care?

The foreign governments and foreigners, especially the investors, the BN govt. wishes to impress are no fools. Moreover, the electronic media has globalized the world so much that what is happening in Malaysia, for that matter, for any country, it is instantaneously reported and seen around the globe. So, do such advertising exercises contemplated by BN such a worthwhile idea?

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