English Saying : “To Strike While The Iron Is Hot”

From the book, ‘By Hook Or By Crook’ by Tony Wootton and Gwen Zanzottera where all the sayings I have posted till today were taken, is coming to the end. After today’s saying, there are only four more left.

They have also authored another book,  ‘More than One Over the Eight’. I have managed to ask my daughter to purchase the book which she had done. When the sayings from the present book are totally exhausted, I will continue with those from their second book.

Today’s saying:

“To Strike While the Iron is Hot”

This saying goes back to the days of the blacksmith and it refers to the fact that he would know when the iron for the horseshoe was exactly the right temperature to be hammered and bent into the correct shape and size.

Nowadays, when seizing an opportunity or acting at precisely the right time, we are said to strike while the iron is hot.

Now you not only know how to use the phrase, you also now havw the know;edge how the phrase come about.

That’s all for now. Come visit the site again. Thank you.

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