What a Happy Coincidence!!! Serendipity???

At about this time last year, the wife and I went to the UK to attend our third daughter’s convocation and took the opportunity to visit many parts of the UK. We went on the 21st June, by the stroke of luck, on the 21st.of June of this year (yes, the  same date) my daughter is back here to visit us. What a coincidence!!!  What a lucky month June is for us! She has a working appointment to keep in Beijing and manages to squeeze in a week to spend with us.

She is the one who poked me into starting my blog. On the 22nd. my blog would be one year old. I enjoy maintaining and keeping the blog. It has given me much pleasure, through it I am able to share the beauty of this world via photography and via the written words.

I wish to take this occasion to thank you for your past interest in my blog. To those who took the time and effort to make my blog more interesting by commenting on my posts, a special thank you.

I hope I have brought some happiness into your world. May we grow together in health and in happiness.

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2 thoughts on “What a Happy Coincidence!!! Serendipity???

  1. sweetiegirlz says:

    Yayyyy! Happy blog day to you, happy blog day to you…. happy blooooooggggg day dear Serendipity hopeful…happy blog day to you! and many more… *cheers* ((hugs)) SG

    Sweetiegirlz, you are ever so considerate and supportive, I appreciate it!!!

  2. neilina says:

    And what a coincidence that I landed today on this post!! Many Many Congrats! You know, I love to hear all such!!

    Thank you, Neilina! Good to hear from you again.

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