Good Food – what has Malacca Got to Offer???

If it is good food that you are looking for, if it is varieties you want when you are visiting Malacca, then you have come to the right place!

Every town now claims to have its own range, but Malacca is truly a food paradise.  The varieties available will boggle your mind. The choices are really wide. There are the Portuguese cuisine, the Nyonya cooking and delicacies, the diverse varieties of Chinese cuisines and many foreign cuisines from the east and west.

On the Hokkien cuisines alone, there are many different dishes from the numerous dialects. The Hokkien give you the Hokkien mee, the ‘po piah’, the ‘mee hoon kueh’.  The Hainam give you their unique coffee, chicken rice balls, ’satay’. The Teochew‘s specialties are the yam paste aka ‘Orr Ni’, the steamed fish, the fish porridge, the Hakka present you their ‘hum char) and ‘leong teow foo’.

The recommendations I give here are not  base on hear-says nor are they recommendations of others.  I make them after I have tasted the food myself recently. Some outlets may start off serving good food, but as time passes the quality and standard deteriorate. This is what I am most afraid of. As the saying goes:- ‘One man’s meat is another man’s poison’, I hope you would not be disappointed with the recommendations I have given here.

A relatively new outlet serving nyonya food where I find the food authentic and the prices reasonable is the Restoran Anak Nyonya. The food is prepared by the proprietress who is a third generation nyonya. The address is 88, Jalan Tokong (Jonker Street), Melaka. You can’t miss it, it is in one of the shop-lots situated on the right hand side of the stage at Jonker Walk.

Another nyonya restaurant you might want to try is Makko Restaurant. This establishment is one of the oldest Nyonya restaurant in Melaka. It started doing business in the early nineteen eighties.

If you are looking for good nyonya delicacies, you can get a wide selection at a private dwelling at a lane in Tengkera Road (Lorong Tengkera Pantai 2C). The ‘kuehs’ are made daily and you get them fresh. Get to the Tengkera Mosque and ask anyone, you will find it in no time. The prices of  the kuehs have crept up over the years though.

For the taste of good Teochew specialites, I recommend two places to you.  LTP Restaurant (Lim Tian Puan Restuarant). This restaurant is at Jalan Pengkalan Rama (next to a Shell petrol station/Taman Rempah – boarding point for the boat cruise). When there try its ‘fried tang hoon’ (clear vermicelli), its oyster mee, the braised duck in dark soya sauce and its fired oyster egg. The other good Teochew place is Teo Soon Loong which is at 55, Jalan Hang Kasturi. You should have no difficulty finding this quaint place. It is situated at the tourist hub. Hang Kasturi is the first side road off Jonker Walk. Here you can ask for all the Teochew dishes.

One word of advice, go for the really good Malacca hawker fares. Many hawkers food available here are dishes that are family recipes preserved for at least tow to three generations.

Give the ‘mee hoon kueh‘ (Chinese pasta served in soup) at store #8 and the Cantonese broth (porridge) at store #9 at the Jalan Bunga Raya Food Court (Medan Selera Jalan Bunga Raya) a try. The food court is located just beside the Melaka River. It is situated diagonally opposite the Majestic Hotel. You will go away truly satisfied. And oh, the prices are very reasonable, too. soon this food court will be no more. It will be torn down to make way for another hotel.

Longing for a bowl of ‘hum char (Hakka ‘salted tea’). There is a stall selling this at ‘Orchard Foodcourt. The food court is between Jalan Ong Kim Wee and Jalan Gajah Berang.

Care to taste good roast pork and ‘char sio/char siew‘. Get it a stall in Jalan Bunga Lane. It serves really good stuff. It is the first stall on the right side of the lane (next to the stall selling sugar-cane water).

What about a plate of dried ‘wan ton mee‘ or a bowl of ‘wan tan mee’ in soup, then go a small coffee shop at no. 40, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock (Heeren Street).

Thinking of ‘Tuo fo fah’ (bean curb) ?  Try the stall in the food court at Mahkota Parade, the texture is very smooth.

There is something entirely different if you feel like having something from the west. Just a few doors away from the ‘wan tan mee’ shop is a small but fanciful little restaurant. This place is run by Richard Frank (a Dutchman) and his French wife. They called their place Orang Belanda Art Cafe. What do you think they have in their menu?  Authentic Dutch and French dishes of course!  I recommend their milkshakes,  they are thick  and really good! The deserts that they served are good, too. The shop is at no. 32, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock. You will not regret patronizing ‘Orang Belanda Art Cafe. (Heard this cafe has changed management. Will pay it a visit and then post my update).

Here is the update; the cafe is now run by an Asian couple. The man is from Macau and the lady is a Malaccan. But they ran a cafe in Frankfurt, Germany for 24 years and have only returned to Malaysia recently. The quality of the food is still of high quality and the service is just as good. Try its Les Galettes, the various kinds of crepes and the chocolate drinks. They have its unique flavours.

I make these recommendations on my own free will, I accept no free meals nor monetary rewards. It is my opinion that the good food available in Malacca should be made known to our outstation visitors. I also feel those selling good food at reasonable prices should get help in getting some publicity.

If you are looking for something memorable to take home with you, visit Red Handicrafts which is around the corner from Cafe Belanda. The articles for sale here are very refined, tasteful and are right for display. Ask to see the t-shirts! 

I thank you. Do not take too long to visit again.

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