Just A Photograph!

Yes, it is just a photograph, so what can it mean?

Nearly each and every one of us take photographs of our children. We capture them in moments of love, of tenderness, of hope, of joy and in our moments of  expectation of a happy future. We also capture  them in their moments of playfulness, of gaiety, of laughter and in the ‘triumphant’ moments. Behind each photograph is pinned our hopes and dreams of a bright and good future for the children, our unseen love permeates every atom of each photograph.

These photographs, in later years, may bring all these memories, dreams and hopes back to us. But, they could, along with all these high hopes, sweet dreams, also bring tears, disappointment, sadness as we realize our hopes and dreams  would be denied . As we realize our expectations are not to be, that our expectations would be come to naught these photographs would then bring us only the senses of regret, disappointment,  pain, heartache, and torment and tears.

It may be just a photograph, but …….

Remember, you are taking a chance when you take photographs of your children.

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One thought on “Just A Photograph!

  1. Cyndi says:

    This is so true. My husband has a cousin who had 3 kids. We vividly remember all of their births and birthday parties, Christmases and summer barbecues. They were adorable and smart. Now, they are in their early 20’s/late teens. Two are addicts and have had multiple run-ins with the law. One has even been disowned after vandalizing and stealing his own parents’ property. The third has an eating disorder. They were raised by what appeared to be good parents in a good suburban neighborhood. They seemingly had every advantage. Looking at those old pictures of them when they were little is absolutely heartbreaking now for us. I can’t even imagine how that feels for their parents.

    To us who are not the real parents looking at the photographs is already heartbreaking, just imaging what must the experience would be like for the real mother or father. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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