It’s school holiday season – want to do something memorable with the family?

School holiday season is about to begin, so it is an opportunity for parents to spend some time with the children. What do you have in mind? Want to do some sight-seeing, taste some nice foods, have some fun and memorable times with your loved ones. Something that would not hurt your pocket too much and yet allow all the family members to have a good time? If you have these in mind, Malacca has all that you desire. Look no further, head towards this World Heritage City!

To entice you I’ve posted some snapshots of all these attractive and fun venues. Take a look and you will be convinced.

Today, for those who are planning for a trip and can’t decide where to go, I’ve added in more photographs of the Old Fort.

Click here to view  ‘A Formosa’ -The Old Fort.

For the other places of interests, beauty and fun, go into each of the seven parts of my ‘Uniqueness of Malacca’ series.

Part 1 – Click here to view The’ Flora de la Mar’.

Part 2 –  Click here to view The ‘Dutch Water Wheel’.

Part 3 – Click here to view The ‘Red Clock Tower’.

Part 4 – Click here to view The Dazzling Sunsets.

Part 5 – The ‘Eye-on-Malaysia’.

Part 6 – Click here to view The ‘Revolving Tower’ (Menara Taming Sari).

Part 7 – Click here to view The Boat Cruise down Malacca River

Come and experience the charms of this old, old city. You won’t regret it  and your children will love you for it!

Thank you for your visit, do not take too long to visit again.

Do me a favor, rate this post before you leave.

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