Boycott – how did this word originate?

The word ‘boycott’  is an oft-used word, the actions associated with it usually denote confrontation, conflict, disagreement and divergent views. But do we know how the usage of this word was derived? Our friends, Tony Wootton and Gwen Zanzottera, again come in to ……..(to find the answer, click on the red bar below) enlighten us with its origin.

To Boycott

This has come to mean completely ignoring a person or having nothing to do with a person or a company’s goods.

It comes from Captain Boycott, a very strict and unbending landlord in Ireland. He refused to allow starving tenants time to pay arrears of rent and had them evicted. His servants and others refused to work for him and tradespeople would not deal with him, so he was boycotted.

Well, how did it turn out for you? Was it anywhere near to what you had expected? It sure didn’t turned out the way I thought. A person’s character gave birth to this universal action.

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One thought on “Boycott – how did this word originate?

  1. heather says:

    short and to the point I liked it very much

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