Malacca with All its Uniqueness!-Part 7

This is supposed to be the last part of my 7-part pictorial series but the more I ventured out to ferret out places of interests and beauty for you, the more such items I discover. So, this may be the last of the 7-part series but I will still be posting more snapshots of the other places of interests  and beauty to keep you up to date.

Here in Malacca we have the boat cruise down Malacca River.  I would encourage you don’t miss this when you come visiting. It will be worth your while and the children will enjoy themselves. The trip down the river provides you with many beautiful spots to view along the way, as evidenced by the photos below:

The Boat Cruise along Malacca River:

Hope you like what I have done. A word from you would allow me to know if you appreciate such highlights.

Part 1 – Click here to view The’ Flora de la Mar’.

Part 2 – Click here to view The ‘Dutch Water Wheel’.

Part 3 – Click here to view the ‘Renowned Clock Tower’

Part 4 – Click here to view The Dazzling Sunsets.

Part 5 – Click here to view The Eye-on-Malaysia

Part 6 – Click here to view The ‘Revolving Tower’ (Menara Taming Sari).

Come visit this site again. I have more in stored for you. Thank you.

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