Shopping trolleys … full of germs!

When you go shopping the next time, be beware of the danger you are encountering in one of the normal acts you usually perform. This health warning seems to come from the Dubai government, it’s pertinent that’s why I post it here to share with my readers.

The simple and usual act  of getting a trolley and pushing it around poses the risk of us contacting illnesses. When this is highlighted to us we can see the connection but many a times we forget to take precaution. After looking at the slides you will get the full picture.

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Share the message with as many of your friends as possible. Parents of small children should take extra care. Cleaning their children’s hands after they have sat on the carts should be encouraged.  The simple act of wiping the handles of these car ts also helps prevent the children coming into contact with many contagious germs.

Shopping malls should be more civic conscious, they can help contain the spread of contagious diseases by having their shopping-carts sterilized occasionally. Maybe it would not be a bad idea if the government were to enforce this on them.

Come visit again, thank you.

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