A Gem in Jonker Walk – do you know it exists?

There is this tranquil place right in the heart of Jonker Walk which I believe many who explore the Walk don’t even know it exists. If you are at the Walk during the day and you wish for a place to escape the sorching heat, visit this peaceful place with pleasant surroundings. Immediately you enter the place you will feel yourself transported into a different world from the one you have just left at its doorstep. This is not a joke, nor am I enticing you to visit a commercial entity, trying to get you in there to buy something.

There is no entrance fee but the sole condition is that you keep silence in there, for this is a library. Of course no food and drinks are to be brought in. The books are not only of religious nature, it has a wide selection for you to enjoy.

You are welcome to take a rest there, to give your feet and your bodies a reprieve.  For those who like reading , this is exactly the place you would wish for.

The little beauty is also opened in the night on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. For families with elderly members, if they prefer to have a place to rest, bring them in here.

The Reverend Kim Sing’s Library:

Look for this little gem when you are at the Walk. It is certainly a serendipitious reward for you. The vendor who sells carrot cake usually places his stall opposite this beautiful library. You can’t miss it.

Come visit our Historic City and the Jonker Walk.

Come visit this site again. Thank you.

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One thought on “A Gem in Jonker Walk – do you know it exists?

  1. xiaoyao2 says:

    Cool place that is !

    Comment to your previous posting “Good things follow one after the other!”, I think good things happen almost all the time, just that we don’t pay heed that’s all.

    If good things do not happen most of the time, life would be impossible.

    Everyday we wake up seeing the sun rises from the East, that’s a good day.


    Agreed, everyday is a good day if we help to make it so.

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