Display of Emotions – the ulgy and the beautiful!

In this short clip many emotions are displayed – it starts with the opening where the bear cub was frolicking around in a wide open space (enjoying a few care-free childhood moments), there was a moment of high expectation on the part of the lioness (dream of a full meal), the lioness sized up her odds of overpowering the cub (survival of the biggest and strongest), then the sense of impending danger (instinctive response), the fear on the part of the cub, the mad dash for its life (the run of survival), the choice of the fire and the deep blue sea ( the drop into the swift flowing river), the fight for its very life (the last stand), the anguish, desperate cry for help ( the last straw), the giving up (the sizing up of the odds again by the lioness on seeing the mother bear), and finally,  the happiness of being rescued.

But to me this clip gives a very good presentation of a mother’s love for her child – HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY !!!


Would you agree that the mother’s love for her young is very well-portrayed here? Look more closely at the last part of the clip – see the pure love and happiness. Let’s hope and pray that every child can have this precious opportunity to savor the love of his/her mother.

Come visit this site again. Thank you.

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