Malacca with All Its Uniqueness!-Part 4

Most visitors, when they visit our Historic City, usually visit the ancient, historical sites in the Heritage Zone. They normally seek to sample the local cuisines, spend time on the cruises, or tour the City in the tourist buses, take a ride in the Eye-on-Malaysia or go view the panoramic view of Malacca on the Menara Taming Sari.

There is another natural beauty you should not miss ! This is the sunsets, which is the artistic work of the sun, the clouds, the winds and the water combined. Usually they are sights to be beholden, they are just dazzling. These combined artistic works of the natural elements just take your breaths away. I suggest strongly you don’t miss it when you are here.

The best places to catch a sight of these are – Pulau Melaka, the mouth of the Malacca River and at the top of St. Paul Hill. I’ve posted a sample of the beauties here for you to view.

Hope they can encourage you to make time to catch glimpses of the beautiful sights. The best time is around dusk. To get the best result your timing has to be correct.

The Dazzling Sunsets

Part 1 – Click here to view The’ Flora de la Mar’.

Part 2 – Click here to view The ‘Dutch Water Wheel’.

Part 3 – Click here to view The Red Clock Tower’.

Part 4 – Click here to view The Dazzling Sunsets.

Part 5 – Click here to view The ‘Eye-on-Malaysia’.

Part 6 – Click here to view The Revolving Tower (Menara Taming Sari)

Part 7 – Click here to view The ‘River Cruise’.

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