The Ravages of Time – no escape at all!

Many of us are obsessed with how we look and how we appear to others. This obsession is not confined only to the younger set but it also afflicts many of the not-so-young. The aging process does care who you are, it ravages your good looks and take away your fine physiques no matter whether you ……..(to view the photos, click on the red bar below) are a pauper or a king. When age catches up with you, you are forced to face reality. See the photos below from an article from ‘MailOnline’, and see what I mean. So, let us put our efforts, time, money and energies into something which offers sustainable results than trying to push back the inevitable.

Ready to face  The Ravages of Time ! ?

What are your feelings after having seen the ravages that aging can inflict on us? Are you scare or do you feel fearful, what emotions do they aroused in you? Do you agree that being obsessed with trying to keep the good looks is a futile endeavor? Nothing is permanent, the rich and famous can vouch for it.

I feel this should not be taken as something negative, it is a timely reminder to us to reevaluate our priorities in our lives.

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