I offer you Flowers!

I posted for help on the May 2, but up till now I’ve not received a single help. Isn’t there anyone out there who know the names of some , if not all, the flowers?

On the Serendipity Hopeful’s Photo section, at the bottom of my blog, I’ve posted about thirty varieties of flowers from the United Kingdom. As I only know how to appreciate the beauty they radiate and are ignorant of their names, i did not put in any caption or tag them. I am hoping someone out ……..(for more, click the red bar below) there in blogsphere could extend his help here. I am asking for the names of the different  flowers, so that the photographs can be more meaningful to the viewers.

Offering you the flowers I’m offering you freshness and happiness. May your days be bright and fresh and may you be happy.

Come visit again. Thank you.

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One thought on “I offer you Flowers!

  1. xiaoyao2 says:

    Dear Novice101,

    Just like to make a comment on your earlier posting “Make Yourself Calm and Happy each day”.

    I have participated in a meditation program at Master Thich Nhat Hanh’s Deer Park near San Diego, and it was indeed a great retreat.

    Or as advised by Sakyamuni in Diamond Sutra :
    “… 应如是生清净心,不应住色生心,不应住声香味触法生心,应无所住而生其心… ”

    Have a nice weekend to all.

    That’s great you have the affinity.

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