Malacca with All Its Uniqueness!-Part 1.

I have this affinity with Malacca. Born here, went through my primary and secondary education here, I spent only a few years overseas. When I started working, it was in Port Klang, after that with only few short periods sent out to do relief work, I was never out of the state.  I had spent my whole working life in Malacca. As I have mentioned before, this is a pleasant place to retire to.

Starting today, I will be posting a seven-part pictorial series of ‘My Beloved Malacca’. Each will feature a place of beauty and interest of my home state. Hope they will prick your interest enough to cause you to pay this ancient historic city a visit. And if you have already visited this unique place, it is my hope they will rekindle your interest to want to visit it again.

Part 1 is on  the Flora de la Mar:

The Flora de la Mar:

This attraction is not hard to find. If you are a visitor to the Historic City and have come with a tour group, you are bound to be brought to the site.

The snapshots are taken by this amateur, hope they do the work I plan out  to do.

All parts of the series can be viewed:

Part 1 – Click here to view The’ Flora de la Mar’.

Part 2 – Click here to view The ‘Dutch Water Wheel’.

Part 3 – Click here to view The Red Clock Tower’.

Part 4 – Click here to view The Dazzling Sunsets.

Part 5 – Click here to view The ‘Eye-on-Malaysia’.

Part 6 – Click here to view The Revolving Tower (Menara Taming Sari)

Part 7 – Click here to view The ‘River Cruise’.

I thank you for having read this post and viewed the photographs. Do not take too long to visit this site again.

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