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While having a drink yesterday in a cafe, saw this on the television. It seems to make sense and I would like to share this. It gives tips on what each of us can do to ride through this economic hard time. The tips are simple but I think they are practical and when applied mindfully can help …….. (to read more, click at the red bar below) tie us over this tough period.

The Practical Tips which we can use:

  • Start a budget
  • Reduce your debts
  • Compare prices
  • Reduce your expenses
  • Protect your job
  • Additional income flow

I think there are many little steps we can take to make these tips meaningful, I will list down what I can figure out here, but if there are other ideas you have, please feel free to share  them with me and others.

  • Start a budget:

I feel this is a very good and useful idea to have even in good times. It provides discipline to how we use our hard-earned money and make us mindful of the difference between our real needs and our wants.

Starting a budget at this precarious time will save wastage, no buying of stuff that are not really needed, saving the money for something  of greater need and use. The money could also be used for helping others who are more in need of it in this unstable time.

  • Reduce your debts:

This is truly a good piece of advice. Debts cause instability in families, create loss of confidence and emotional turmoil in individuals. Reducing our debts will save us from such upheavals in our lives. In a way, this is our insurance against such things befalling upon us.

The major debts most of us have nowadays are loans on our homes and car. It is best not to commit more of such loans in this unsteady time. If a loan needs to be taken up then it is best to keep it to the minimal as the lighter the load, the less stressful will be for us at repayment times.

The other major debt the modern men get themselves into is the credit card debt. This has led many a men into miseries. It is best to spend within our means and not to over-stretch our capacity. Spend within our means and not let our wants carried us astray.

  • Compare prices:

To compare the prices of the things we wish to buy is a prudent move which will save us money. There are so many opportunities available to allow us to make the comparisons and we can make them in comfortable circumstances now.

Comparing prices will also make us wiser and smart buyers. Being mindful of what we buy and how much we pay for them teaches us to know the quality of things we purchase. From this we can go for substitutes which do the job just as well.

  • Reduce your expenses:

Reducing expenses is not the sole responsibility of the ladies, it is everyone’s responsibility. One way to reduce our expenses is to draw up a list when we go shopping so that we buy only what is required and needed.

There are many small ways we can reduce our expenses. For the smokers, the intake each day can be reduced. For the drinkers, the daily consumption can be cut down, the those who frequent the cafes, alternative outlets can be picked. For those who prefer ‘branded’ items, look at alternatives as they be as good and just as befitting and becoming. Look at the choices at our disposal.

  • Protect your job:

I would like to add for those running their own businesses to protect their businesses.

One of the best way to protect our jobs is to ensure that our bosses’ businesses strive. And the best way to to ensure that is to make sure we commit ourselves to go the ‘extra mile’ – do more than what you normally do.

Businessmen should do their utmost to protect their businesses and the best way is for them to keep thier clintele. Make the customers happy and they will return and they will also recommed you.

  • Additional income flow:

Those younger in age and of good health, the advice here can mean to take on another job or start a side-business that can bring in extra income.

But for the retirees, the more senior citizens, extra income flow can mean to invest the money in avenues where the returns are better than the normal investment channels can bring. They should start compare returns on their investments.

These are ideas I can presently think of. It would help those whose have limited resources to have more alternative ways to protect thier disposal money, so please add in your comments in this area.

Come visit again. Thank you

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