‘The Loo’ – how did it originate?

The word chosen today is ‘The Loo’, this is of very common usage. Tony Wootton and Gwen Zanzottera give us their take on how this word originate. Hope when you use the word next time you remember to thank the both of them for bringing you its origin.

“The Loo”

This is used quite commonly for a lavatory and is said to come from the phrase ‘gardez l’eaeu’ (be careful of the water) to warn unsuspecting people below when chamberpots were emptied out of……..more the window of an upper storey of a house into the street.

In the old, old days, it was the practice for chamberpots to be emptied straight from the windows of upper floors of buildings onto the streets. See how far things have evolved as far as sanitation is involved. In the olden days you feared being sprayed with ‘scented water’ when you walked down the streets. Nowadays, you fear being mugged when you walk down the street, which do you think is worst?

Come visit again. Thank you.

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