Man of the House an Umbrella???

Our Umbrella

It shields us from anything foul heading our way. It takes the constant pelting so we never have to feel the sting. It blocks the harmful rays from us. It makes sure we are properly sheltered. It keeps us protected in our current climate.

It will take a beating from the damaging elements each day. Sometimes an unexpected surge will come along and even turn it inside out and maybe even bend the frame a bit but the central rod will not bend. It will get tattered. It will be worn in spots and it will gray. It will age.

But we will never toss……..more that umbrella aside and we will not turn it in for a newer,  shinier model.  We will try and repair it at the end of each day. We want it to last a long, long time.  We will dust off the detritus of the day.  We will sit with it by the hearth and shake off the droplets that have formed.  The frame will start to relax.  It will be in its spot by the front door each day as we are leaving in the morning and it will be there when the last of us are in for the night.   We will give it a name. I will call it husband and they will call it dad.

I wonder if that umbrella knows how grateful we are and I hope that it knows how cherished it will always be.  We really love our umbrella.

I find the above piece interesting and it prompted me to add my two cents worth below.

Like your piece, rather descriptive. Your comparison of the husband and the dad to the umbrella is apt. Sometimes the man of the house feels his usefulness, like that of the umbrella, only comes in  when it is raining or only when the weather is very hot, then he becomes very handy otherwise he is more or less ignored.

Most dads don’t see their roles in such heroic terms. They take all these as their parental responsibilities and just try to carry them out as their duties to their loved ones. Your article gives food for thought. Maybe the dads should not downplay their own roles, they should attach more value to what they doing and be more ready to highlight their own usefulness.

It is good they have someone who once in a while appears and sings their praises.

Come visit again. Thank you.

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One thought on “Man of the House an Umbrella???

  1. littlerhody says:

    Thanks for your two cents worth!

    In these times I have a renewed appreciation for my husband and the burden he carries….when I worked, back in the day, it was the two of us so it was shared…he’s been doing it alone for a long time now…and I sing his praises! And everyone else who is carrying the load…you are appreciated!

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