Little Things mean a Lot

The little things that we can do and say tend to get lost in the course of our daily  activities. These little things can uplift the spirits, bring a smile to others’ faces, bring a ray of sunlight into the lives of others, they can even unintentionally save a person’s life. Yet in the hustle and bustle of modern living, we start to treat these as unimportant and we neglect to participate in them.

Reflecting on them, I find the small things are really the big things. How many  times can we really always do big things for our loved ones in our daily lives? How many occasions are there in lives for us that offer us opportunities to do the big things? How many of us have the money to always do the big things perpetually? But we can see the small things done frequently and mindfully have a cumulative effect that has untold benefits and they bring unexpected results!

What small things have you been doing  for your loved members  ones or for your friends that is now bearing sweet fruit?  What small things can we all do to bring us happy results, both for our loved ones, our friends and ourselves.

Have you start the ball rolling?

Come visit again. Thank you.

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2 thoughts on “Little Things mean a Lot

  1. xiaoyao2 says:

    Confucius’ teaching was misunderstood by many modern Chinese as a tool for the ruling elite, to suppress their freedom of thought etc.
    Many critics have not actually even read “The Analects” (论语,”lun yu”)itself, or have not read it in totality.

    In Chapter 1 of The Analects, on “Learning”, Confucius said :

    “弟子入则孝,出则弟,谨而信,汎爱众,而亲仁,行有余力,则以学文 …..”

    Crudely translated, it means
    “… as a junior, one should respect /take good care/love one’s parents when at home;

    one should respect/take good care/love one’s teachers, seniors and friends when outside;

    one should be mindful of one’s language and be trust-worthy; one should be compassionate to all;

    and then one should associate oneself with people of good-characters.

    When one is able to do all the above and still has extra energy, then go on to pick up some knowledge…”

    Note that to Confucius, learning is about “how to be a person in terms of one’s conduct versus others”.

    Knowledge acquisition is not great learning in the eyes of Confucius, who regarded it as secondary to good conduct, or simply put, knowledge possession is not beneficial without equipping oneself with good conduct.

    Two of the central theme of Confucius teachings are “仁” and “孝”.

    From the character construction :
    1. “孝” consisted of “a young person”, a son, helping an “older person to walk safely”, to convey the idea of care and love for one’s parents and seniors.

    2. “仁” has a “people” sign on the left and “2″ on the right, conveying the concept of good/proper relationship/interaction between any 2 persons. Therefore “仁” is to always think about others, not on self.

    If the society can learn (and practise) a bit from The Analects, the world will be a much happier one.

  2. Cheryl says:

    Little things do mean a lot, but most of the time we do take things for granted especially with people closest to us as we expect them to understand and we can be careless with their feelings.
    Sometimes, putting our pride aside and saying sorry when we’re wrong and meaning it goes a long way in mending back a long time relationship or bringing back trust to a friendship.
    Simple gesture such as a smile can be an ice breaker between strangers. A smile creates another smile n if this chain passes on, we’ll have a world filled with beautiful n happier citizens. Getting up each morning with a smile is like attracting all positive energy to a wonderful day ahead!
    Do start with a smile today for a happier U!

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