Letters – Reminders of Love

Earlier today I came across a post by  rubyeliot on the pomegranate apple

In it she tells of the joy and happiness she feels on  receiving a letter from her father.

Reading about her feelings, I  thought what fine sentiments  that were expressed. Her father would surely be deeply moved. How happy and joyful he would be to be so regarded by his own daughter.

But I would like all children to know these feelings of joy and happiness also work in reverse when parents receive letters from their children. No matter whether it is a written letter, or an email, or a short message or a call, it brings the same intense feelings. Parents are parents, the love in their hearts for their offspring fades no one iota even though the children have been away for a long time.

Why not then start  writing letters, emails, short messages or start making more phone calls. Electronics have made doing such things so easy, cheap and fast. Small things mean a lot! See the relationships  with your loved ones improve. Start opening your hearts, it is this simple.

Come visit again.

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3 thoughts on “Letters – Reminders of Love

  1. rubyeliot says:

    thank you so much, i think this is an awesome idea!

  2. xiaoyao2 says:

    In the olden days, they didn’t have much communication channels.

    The great poet of Tang Dynasty, Li Bai, wrote the following famous poem to express his homesickness :
    “床前明月光,疑是地上霜。 舉頭望明月,低頭思故鄉”

    We have all the modern tools of communication, and most of them are almost free at the touch of a button. Maybe it is so easy that people do not bother to make that little effort of connectivity.

  3. Welll, this is a great one… Those ppl are all in our hearts… we will pray for them..
    thanks for your comment anyway for that day… = )
    have a nice day


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