Short, short memories of ours!!!.

Remember the time when we  are short of money, remember the time when we have to count our dollars and cents when we wish to spend , the time when we watch others able to spend, seemingly without having have to have second thoughts, remember the time when we wish the days will come when are in financial abundance, when we can spend without having to count every cent and having to think of how the money can be put to a better use.

But when the day of abundance does finally appear, we end up totally forgetting to apply any restraint in  the way we spend our wealth.

We pick up lavish spending habit (going on shopping sprees,  having vacations to exotic destinations, purchasing big mansions and possessing large and fanciful cars), we acquire expensive tastes (buying branded items, going to luxurious and fancy restaurants). We become very unmindful and careless of our spending habits and patterns. We throw caution to the winds.

Affluence is such a tranquilizing seducer that we are led up the garden path and do not awake to the frivolous and completely self-indulgent habits we have picked up. Only some major events or some kind souls can jolt us out of the stupor.

If the young are seduced, become totally mesmerized by their new-found wealth, it is hope their elders have the good sense to remind them of the path they have just left. Hope the oldies are not fascinated by what wealth can do that they, too, forget their past also.

Affluence can be a trap, we should all be aware of its danger.

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One thought on “Short, short memories of ours!!!.

  1. Ryan says:


    I feel that there is only abundance. It’s OK to spend lavishly if you feel great doing it and if you truly believe that more abundance is on the way. Responsible spending is spending in alignment with your mindset.

    Thanks for your insight.


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