Where is mankind’s hope?

Let us take a tour around the world. In Australia, there are fires and strong winds ravaging the forests. In Thailand, the people is demonstrating against the government. In Sudan, the militia is battling the local troops, piracy is rampant in Somalia. In Guatemala, the drug war is raging on, in Mexico, armed robberies are committed against the travelers.

In the Gaza, the Arab and the Israelis are waging war against each other. The war in Iraq continues unabated. The Sri Lankan cricket team was shot at by Pakistani armed men. In Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan there are civil wars, strife, unrest and conflicts. In the Koreas, the relationship between the North and the South is at the breaking point.

In every country around the world, recession is ravaging into the economies, creating havoc to lives of millions of people, sparing no one. The situation really look bleak, depressing and hopeless.

Let us ponder what have brought about such calamities and catastrophes upon us. Or should we ponder who have brought about these upon us? The wars, the strife, the suffering, the conflicts, the pain and the animosity are all our own creations. Because of our faulty thinking we think by indulging in them we can be famous, great, popular, we can gain and have more than what we now possess. Because we seek these false values we misuse our energies, time and resources.We have abuse our true talents and potentials through allowing our thought process to go haywire. Through the unmindful way of our own thinking, we have fallen into a very deep pit which we seem not to have a solution.

We have inflicted the wounds upon ourselves. So, we ourselves must find a way out of this deep pit (not a bottomless pit but a deep pit). We still have hope if we would only reverse our thinking. What we have been doing all the past years that have brought us to this near disaster, we have to reverse it. We have to start walking towards the opposite pole, that is our only hope!

Come visit again. Thank you.

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