Sudden Change in Personality.

When you are visiting a foreign land and happen to find yourself getting a good bargain for the things you are buying how do you normally feel? Do you feel exhilarated and just relish your good fortune, or do you feel proud of your  haggling skill?   Or are you just grateful that the strength your country’s currency is strong that it could give you this advantage?

Or do you react like what most people do, they have a sudden change in their personalities! They suddenly turn into small birds and start chirping (cheap, cheap, cheap) away. By so doing they not only lose their chances of getting bargains the next times they come around the same places, they are also making the costs of things to increase for the local residents.

So, please you happy birds, don’t be carried away,  please be watchful where you chirp, lest you cause hardship for others!

Come visit again, thank you reading this.

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One thought on “Sudden Change in Personality.

  1. leafless says:

    If only we can put those chatty birds in a cage…

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