“Soap Opera” … How did it originate?

Back to Tony Wootton and Gwen Zantottera and their book,  ” By Hook and by Crook “. The saying taken for post today is ” Soap Opera” which should be familiar to most, as television stations the world over are spending millions upon millions to outdo each other to gain top spots for their own ‘soap operas’.


“This dates back to the nineteen thirties and forties when the idea of having daily series on the radio started in America. Each day the story ended with melodramatic suspense and listeners had to wait until the next day to see the outcome of that particular part of the plot.

In America, radio was sponsored by advertising and it was the soap companies who sponsored these daily serials, which became known as soap operas.”

In the past, the soap operas were serials on radio. Nowadays we have soap operas on the television sets. But the listeners and the television audiences have not changed that much in their viewing habits. The addiction is still the same.

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One thought on ““Soap Opera” … How did it originate?

  1. Happy Snare says:

    I thought soap operas are originated from something that the housewives listened to/watched during cleaning the house. *LOL*

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