“Teetotal” … how did it originate?

From their book -“By Hook Or By Crook”- Tony Wootton and Gwen Zanzottera bring us the origin of “Teetotal”. From it you can see even a ‘stutter’ can contribute something of universal usage. It is very interesting, read on.


“This is a word which describes someone who does not drink, in the other words who practices total abstinence from alcohol.

In the mid nineteenth century, Richard Turner of Preston was a great believer in total abstinence and a member of the Temperance Society. However, he had a bad stutter and when asked what he advocated, he said t-t-total abstinence and as people made fun of him, the word teetotal evolved.”

Some phrases have very odd origins, hope you enjoy reading about them. For the next week or so, I have scheduled some more phrase from the same source for your reading pleasure.

Come visit again. Thank you.

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2 thoughts on ““Teetotal” … how did it originate?

  1. rhealk says:

    This is enlightening. Thanks!

  2. Nairobi says:

    hmmm i l-l-like it…
    Gee i hope even i come up with some word like this.
    he he he…

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