Allowing Embarrassment to turn into Anger

In our daily lives, there are countless occasions when we let embarrassment turns into anger. In more instances than we care to admit, we intentionally allow it to become so. This aphorism has something valuable for us, let us read on.

True to our human nature, we do not like to lose face, we are prone to do anything to save face in embarrassing and unpleasant situations, so we let embarrassment turn into anger to save ourselves from such awkward situations. By so doing we may think we have found a way out but in reality we have not achieved our misguided motive. We thought we had altered the situations to save ourselves embarrassment but,  in actual fact, nothing had changed. Others could see through it all. It may have achieved the reverse, now others may have more contempt for us or, at least,  have less respect for us.

On deeper contemplation, it clearly shows this may not be a good move. When anger is released someone else is going to get hurt, when hurt is the consequence, then the move cannot be considered a wise move.  It is also not a wise move as we are trying to avoid the truth, we are glossing over the matters at hand to avoid embarrassment. And we may also be causing unhappiness, emotional distress; creating animosity and sowing discord.

Hope I have learn enough to cope with embarrassing and awkward situations and to bear the embarrassment myself. This will be good for me for I would have learn personal responsibility.

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3 thoughts on “Allowing Embarrassment to turn into Anger

  1. Nairobi says:

    Thats very true….i was suddenly reminded of the times i have reacted that way and made a complete fool of myself…Now i have learnt to stay away from getting into any such situation and even if i do,to simply accept the truth.

  2. Serpent says:

    I’m 45 years old and still hate being involved in embarrassing situations. Anger is usually the first shield to go up. Why can’t I just take it? I watched the video “The Master” recently and noticed how they desensitised the guy to it through a constant stream of things that would upset him usually. really struggling with this an anger still. I’m not going to give up though. Lost my partner recently because of my inability to deal with things like this. Shame on me…she was the best yet.

    • serendipity hopeful says:

      Paul, it looks like you are on the right track now. You have the courage now to see your anger and to admit your past lapses. Keep it up. We are a;;owed u-turns.

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