Malacca in Full Splendor.

During the Chinese New Year period, Historic Malacca was all decked out in its best for all – the locals and the visitors.

Skillful craftsmen from China were invited here to construct this beautiful and huge dragon for display and to bring the real feel of the Chinese Festival to the City. It certainly achieved  the objective admirably.

The whole City were lighted up – not only on the roads, but also along a large part of the Malacca River. If you really wish to enjoy the beauty of it all, it would be advisable to take a tour at night. The temperature is nice and cool as the Northerly Wind cools the place down.

Enjoy a slow stroll around the City or take a boat cruise up and down the river. There are plenty of  things for you to photograph and admire.If you fancy different varieties of food, this is also the place to satisfy your taste buds.

Welcome to Historic Malacca!

Come visit again, thank you for reading this.

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2 thoughts on “Malacca in Full Splendor.

  1. sweetiegirlz says:

    Beautiful photos! I wish we could travel instantly. I would love to come there and see for myself. The colors and water look so peaceful. That is an amazing dragon too. Thank you for posting them.

  2. Nairobi says:

    that is such a lively night…
    feel i being there already.

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