What is most feared is coming true in the US.

Following Obama’s election as president there was a pervasive feeling of euphoria in the US. But behind this feeling is the people’s hope of better things to come.  They were celebrating the chance for change. They were sick of being despised as a nation around the world and they want to regain their past glory. The gloom of the advancing economic crisis were hanging over their heads and they felt Obama is the one who can best deliver this change.

These are reasonable expectations but what may not be reasonable may be the expectation that the change be delivered in the time-frame they have expected. The extent of the economic ills facing the US were and still are beyond anyone’s grasp.

Secondly, the solutions that Obama may offer need to be passed by the both Houses of Congress. This is a major obstacle/hindrance to what Obama may want to do. Most, if not all, the congressmen and senators may have their nation’s interests at heart but they are also political animals. As such, their actions and their votes may obstruct good legislation and the will of Obama to bring the changes he thinks are right for the nation.

Thirdly, each voter has his own agenda and interests. Many a time, these are not based on sound baisis and expectations. Though Obama won with a large majority, there were many Americans who did not vote for him. Within this group, there are many who are waiting to see him fail. Many in this group have the means to make Obama look bad. They are in positions of power and influence, many of them hold influential positions in the media industry and thus are able to trumpet his failings and magnify his mistakes.

Fourthly, the news media is a ‘good-weather’ friend, –  fairness, reasonableness, impartiality, objectivity and candor are not its strong points. It eagerly waits for bad news so that that they can be magnified and sensationalized. What it cares more is to gain top spot. More often than not, they sacrifce good judgment for being the ‘first’.

With all these factors working within the scenario, what is feared for here seems to be coming true . You just have to watch the news coming out of the US to see that this is so. The high expectations, the different basis in which these expectations are based, coupled with the conflicting motives of Obama’s opponents are creating frustration in passage of the necessary legislation.

I am not an American so what I am saying I say it for the good of the US, not for Obama.

Hope there are more reasonable Americans than those who are impatient and unreasonable. ‘Rome was not built in a day” – nor would the ills be solved so soon. It may need more than a year or two. Patience and the will to be reasonable is called for.

Come visit again, thank you for reading this.

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One thought on “What is most feared is coming true in the US.

  1. Well said and thanks for the well-wishes for us Americans.

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