Tens of Thousands are losing their Jobs Daily.

It is sad to see things are getting worse and worse by the days instead of better. This depressing scenario is being played out in every country around the globe. Today, even President Obama admits that the problems facing the United States are worse and more complicated than he himself had anticipated.

Organisations in the developed and developing countries around the world are enforcing pay cuts on thousands of their employees. Large organisations in the industrialized nations have laid-off or are considering huge scale lay-offs of tens of thousands of employees.

For families facing pay-cuts, this means they have to face greatly shrunken paychecks.  Smaller paychecks can only mean reduced spending capabilities. For the many families which have lost their jobs, they not only have to face no more paychecks, they now have to dip into their savings to meet their basic daily needs. The lifestyle and spending habits of these families would be altered beyond recognition.

When money is scarce and the future looks bleak, widespread miseries, pain, distress, anguish, anxieties would fall upon the affected  these families.  Their countless dreams and hopes would be shattered, so would their plans be aborted. This harsh and uninvited circumstance brings on emotional turbulence of monumental proportion only those facing the grim situation can truly appreciate.

Even in such unsettling time, there are those who are fortunate enough to still  have jobs to go back to,  there are also those who still have businesses to run.  There are also many who still have  spare cash to tie them over this dire period. People in these three groups are the fortunate ones. Good fortune has to be shared, and it is more imperative it be so in such turbulent time.

To share meaningfully the good fortune, a change in our individual attitude is needed. This attitude has not been our normal way of behavior, so if we wish to make sharing the good fortune our responsibility, then we would have to mindfully cultivate it.

In such bruising environment, feelings have been hurt, spirits have  weakened and emotions have been dulled, many people have become dispirited.  So even if the intention is noble, the implementation should be done cautiously and with careful consideration. Feelings of the affected parties should not be injured further, even if it is done unintentionally.

Those who wish to share need to keep their eyes and ears opened especially in public places so as to be alert enough to spot opportunities and openings that will allow them to render help.

The world, especially the children, now can do with some comfort, happiness and joy. Let us do what we can  to spread these uplifting  qualities.

Be on a look out for people who may be in need of a helping hand. Use your better judgment to ferret out the type of assistance required but remember to tread with caution, do render the help with lots of forethought and finesse.

Generally, be more generous with our smiles and our ‘hellos’, let the warm and the friendliness radiate more freely.

Come visit again, thank you for reading this.

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4 thoughts on “Tens of Thousands are losing their Jobs Daily.

  1. leafless says:

    The problems the world is facing do not arrive overnight. Solutions to these problems will also not come overnight.

  2. Happy Snare says:

    sometimes i feel that the word recession affects us psychologically rather than the real economic situation.

  3. Nairobi says:

    I guess one one will understand that pain better than me….
    its only been 3 months that a got into a job…Before that life was a great struggle for me…both mentally n physically…

  4. Yep, 8 months into unemployment, the job search is still brutal.

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