Paying Homage and being Thankful.

Today every Hokkien (those originating from Fujian province in China) household around the world will be busy making preparations to pray to the Jade Emperor God. Tonight they will pray to the god, paying homage to him, thanking him for saving the Hokkien race from annihilation and for the good things they have enjoyed over the past year. Legend has it that to escape being wiped out by a persecuting general the Hokkien ancestors went into the sugar-cane plantation to hide. The day they emerged from hiding fell on the Jade Emperor God’s birthday, each year after that all Hokkien mark the day with prayers and paying homage to the Emperor God.

So we can take this day as the Thanksgiving Day of the all Hokkiens.

The present generation of the Hokkiens would do well to treat this day as a day of Thanksgiving not only to the Emperor Jade God but to all  who have benefited them, one way or another, in their lives.

Thanks are due to :-

– The Jade Emperor God,

– the farmers who planted the sugarcane,

– the elders who had the presence of mind to lead the Hokkien ancestors to seek refuge in the sugarcane plantation,

– the generations of ancestors who perpetuated the lineage,

– the ancestors who have the courage and foresight to venture overseas to seek a better lives for the present descendants,

The present Hokkiens have the following to be thankful :-

– their parents who have worked hard to provide them the security and the education,

– the countries which have given their ancestors and the subsequent generations a better livelihood,

– the companies that have provided jobs to countless Hokkiens throughout the years,

– the teachers that have nurtured all the Hokkiens throughout the centuries,

Good fortunes, good life, good families, good children, and all things good should be appreciated. Mindfulness to remain grateful should be cultivated.

Come visit again, thank you for reading this.

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One thought on “Paying Homage and being Thankful.

  1. Justin Choo says:


    Very true. But most often we are “forgetful” to be “grateful”!

    We forget that many have helped us throughout our lives.

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