Wherever you may wander…

Many young people of college age are now departing their hometowns and leaving their parents to complete their studies.  For many, this will be the first time they will be staying on their own, away from total parental supervision. They will having their first taste of freedom. Now they can do what they want, be with who they wish, free to choose when to study and when not to study. They can now choose to sleep to their hearts content, and are free to strew their clothes all over the room. There will not be anyone around to check on how late they stay out, or what time they go to bed.  They are their own masters now, no one at all to pester them to study. And free from any requests to help around or to run errands for dads and moms.

It is a brand new world for them – no more nagging, no more watchful eyes on every movement, and no more restrictions of one kind or another.

With words unspoken, the parents’ hopes are pinned on them .  They secretly harbor the hope of that their sons or daughters  concentrate on their studies and do well. In their hearts they pray their off-springs behave and stay out of trouble, that they don’t mix with the wrong company and that they somehow know how to take care of themselves. Most of all, each parent fervently prays that the freedom will not be abused and that the youths will learn restraint and be mindful of their responsibilities.

But in truth, it is not only their hopes that go with the children. Actually a great part of them goes with the children  – no matter where the youths may wander, the minds and the hearts of the parents go with the young people though physically they may remain at home.

Hope this little message will stay with the young people – hope they learn to adjust and don’t s stray too far and remember the love that is in their parents’ hearts will forever remain the same. It is also hope they don’t neglect to call back once in a while to cheer, comfort and relieve their parents of anxieties.

Understand your parents sacrifice something they want for themselves to give you this education, please make good use of the opportunities.

Come visit again, thank you for reading this.

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2 thoughts on “Wherever you may wander…

  1. Nairobi says:

    Hey Serendipity…m sure this write relates to a lot of ppl out there…Me too.For m staying away from home too….i know the anxiety that my parents n I go through…n i try my best to live up to their expectations….

  2. Nice post! I’ve got a while until my boys leave home for college but I do hope they make the right choices and call their mom…preferably daily. 🙂

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