Simple Things You Can Do To Bring On The Smiles.

It is so easy to make them smile, it is so easy to make others glow! Life is so simple but we make them so complicated, so disruptive, so stressful and so difficult for ourselves and for others.

Just the simple act of not talking back brings on the smiles as it creates a congenial atmosphere where conflicts, arguments and verbal tirades are kept to a minimum. But we tend to do more of the opposite – we shoot back immediately as soon as we hear of things that differ from what we hold to be true or believe.

Many clashes, arguments and quarrels occur because we do not do at once what others ask us to do. We withhold immediate action out of defiance or spite. If we could simply do what we are asked to do at once, without analyzing the motives, without deliberating so much of  the pros and cons, it would bring on the smiles more easily.

Ill-feeling, animosity and rivalry would not build up and block further interaction and communication if we  have greeted each other more often with just a simple – ” how are you today”? Instead we walk around with indifferent attitudes and wear blank looks all days round. Just a simple “How are You”? would have done wonders with the smiles.

A simple phone call would have eased tension, thawed cold relationships and restored soured friendships. But we allow false pride and stubbornness to stop us from making the calls. A simple phone call would have bring smiles all round.

It is known to one and all that a smile begets smiles in return. We want smiles, we long for smiles, we want to give out more smiles but we usually do nothing to get the smiles. We wear long faces, we are stingy with them, we insist other give us smile before we are prepared to give out ours. As a result, long faces rule the day! If we are prepared to make the first move and start with our smiles we will be greeted by many, many more smiles.

Conversations would flow, friendships would flourished and relationship would be re-established if we forgo some of our own interests and invest some time on other people. But we are so absorbed  with ourselves, so focused on our own interests that we have no time for others. Sparing some thoughts and spending some time with others would bring on the smiles.

We complicate our lives by thinking too many thoughts  and taking on too many tasks at one given time. We are so preoccupied with the countless tasks that need to be done that we do not concentrate on what is happening around us and what is being said to us. This is showing disrespect to each other and the end result is poor understanding and shallow relationships.  If we simply learn to lend others our ears, genuine respect for each other will materialize which will eventually lead to better understanding and more solid relationships. A simple action that will bring on smiles after smiles, after smiles.

If we can all manage to do all the above we would be showing and saying to each other that we are concern of each other, that we care about each other and that we love each other. It will be a very much happier and joyful world but firstly it will bring out all the smiles that will transform the atmosphere.

I thank you for having read this. Do not take too long to visit again.

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7 thoughts on “Simple Things You Can Do To Bring On The Smiles.

  1. House says:

    Hi serendipity, I loved your post here. It’s kind of similar to the one you read on my blog today. I try to smile at as many people as I can every day. I hope you do too. Keep up the good writing.

  2. Happy Snare says:

    Hey there. I used to ignore my friends. Instead of giving them a call, I just waited calls from them. I left the country last year, unexpectedly on the very last notice. I could see that how they are disappointed with me leaving without telling. I came back in KL and realised how many souls I’ve hurt. It took me sometime to adjust myself to be what I am now.

    Thanks to your posts. They are very helpful as well. To appreciate what we have, while it’s still here…

  3. sweetiegirlz says:

    Of course you are so right! Thanks for bringing this reflection to us today. Sometimes the truth hurts, but it also heals. 🙂

  4. leafless says:

    In another word, we should open up ourselves to other people and maintain a positive attitude.

  5. damaverick says:

    sometimes it’s difficult to smile. sometimes it hurts so much inside that smiling only draws out the tears you’ve been painstakingly holding back behind your long face. sometimes the warmth a strangers smile gives you reminds you of the paint you have been in because of someone you cared for/loved/treasured. how do you smile to others when you can’t smile at yourself? are we doomed to friendships gone stale and conversations run dry because of our inability to muster the strength to allow the slightest bit of optimism to shine through a single smile?

  6. Nairobi says:

    hey serendipity….
    so so true.completely agree with you here…
    can clearly make a difference with a simple smile…
    Cuz somewhere everyone is goint through some bad time…

  7. Such a seemingly easy thing that we all forget. Great message!

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