Simple Things are enough to bring on the Smiles!

Young dads and moms, how do feel, what are your reactions and responses when your little treasures smile at you and you see them happy? Do your hearts swell with joy and the glow in them lasts for hours? Don’t they make you feel cheerful and keep you in an expansive mood for hours? I am sure they do and I am also sure you enjoy the exhilarating feelings these smiles and their happiness provide.

When I was a young father myself, I went through the whole joy-producing process my children provided. I enjoyed all the joy, the grins, and the smiles – they soothed my heart. I also enjoyed their cackles and laughter – they were sweet music to my ears. I really loved my children and I treasured them above anything else.

But I made a mistake! I did not take time out to reflect on how my own parents must have the same feelings of joy, enjoyed the same ‘music’ and harbored the same exhilarating feeling of fun and jollity, when I as a child , smiled at them. I did not try to recall the pleasure, the love and the joy they kept in their hearts, nor did I try to remember the smiles and grins that were captured on their faces. I forgot that they had loved me as much as I had loved my own off-springs.

This little piece of reminiscence, I hope,  will help you from making the same mistake that I had made. Be ever mindful of yourself having also enjoyed your parents’  love.

Come visit again, thank you.

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One thought on “Simple Things are enough to bring on the Smiles!

  1. Oh boy…nope, unfortunately, we haven’t all enjoyed the type of parental love you are speaking about. I can, however, relate to being a loving parent as you are. Kids are the best aren’t they?! 🙂

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