Do your Parents Deserve the Cold Shoulder Treatment?

Are you being carried away by your new-found friends, new-found jobs or new-found interests? Have you been distracted by your new-found wealth, successes, achievements or your new-found girlfriends? Or do you think your recent tiff, disagreements or arguments with your parents give you the appropriate excuse to avoid your basic filial duty? Are you just taking advantage of your recent anger, unhappiness and disappointment with your parents to avoid spending time with them on this festive occasion?

If not why then have you planned not to go back to celebrate the  coming festival  with your aging parents? Why have you not even call them to convey your good wishes? Parents have needs, emotions and feelings like everyone else. They are aging now and are not so capable in meeting their own needs adequately. They have to look to others to get their needs satisfied. They are not so independent now. (As children who are in the prime of life, at the pink of health, are you conscious of the changes taking place in your parents’ lives? Do you realize their lives are changing though you may not be astute enough to notice it. It is something they prefer not to happen, but it is not of their choosing) . Who then can they look to help them, who else can they turn to at this stage of their lives. Who else but to those closest to them. And who can be closest than their own children. So, don’t ignore them on this important occasion, not for any reason at all.  Feel for them. They may be old but they still have feelings, wants , needs and hopes like everybody else.

The degree of pain, the depth of sorrow and the intensity of feelings the old people have  are no different from those  experience by any young person. Their feelings of hurt,  their feeling of happiness, the degree of their loneliness, their sense of rejection, their  joy and their need for family warmth are not any less intense than that  felt by you. They may be getting older but they are still humans with all human emotions and feelings still intact.

If you are thinking your parents deserve the cold shoulders that you are giving them now, do reconsider. Is it your right or duty to bring them miseries, sadness, pains and sufferings as their children. What they need most now are companionship and attention, it is your foremost duty to bring them the satisfaction of these needs, at this advanced stage in their lives!

But don’t lose heart if you realize your mistake and wish to make up. We are always allowed to make u-turns in our lives. No one is there to stop us  to correct our mistakes but ourselves. Take advantage of these opportunities.

I thank you for having read this. Do not take too long to visit again.

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One thought on “Do your Parents Deserve the Cold Shoulder Treatment?

  1. Hmmmmm….this one struck a chord with me. My mother can take care of herself, she’s still working full time. Maybe you are referring to more elderly, retired parents. Either way, in order for me to obtain some sanity, I have had to take a step back from her, disengage and detach. I still talk to her and see her, she lives just a few miles away. I’m still available if she needs anything. Our relationship is now more cordial and superficial, which is the best I can expect, and I’m ok with that. Anything more than that and I go crazy.

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