Inauguration and High Hopes.


The Capitol will be the stage of a historic landmark in the history of the nation Tuesday.

The Capitol will be the stage of a historic landmark in the history of the nation Tuesday.

Euphoria is in the air in the United States. Joy and  expectation of great things to come reside in the hearts of the majority of its citizens. It’s Inauguration Day, It’s the dawn of a New Era!

Hopes are pinned on the shoulders of Mr. Barrack Obama by his fellow-citizens and also by the citizens of countries around the globe. How he manages to create such an aura of magnetism to himself is beyond our understanding now.

From what we have heard, read and seen so far, there is no doubt he is sincere, decent, committed and compassionate. There is no reason to doubt his words and his commitment. He will surely do his utmost to deliver his best.  But he is also a human being, as such he may not be able to deliver all that is expected of him.

There is a simple logic to this. All the hopes and expectations that are placed on him now come from many and varied groups and individuals. This being so, the hopes and expectations are tainted with the self-interests of such individuals and groups. As a president of the United States, Obama’s one and top priority is to do the best for his country and this may not jell well with all these biased hopes and expectations. He may have to make many decisions that contradict such hopes and expectations and the veneers of attractiveness will start peeling off.

On this highly symbolic day, on this historic day Americans should pause and ponder on their hopes and on the interests of the nation, are they in sync. If a clash of interest takes place, are they prepared to subjugate their self-interests in the interest of the nation?

Like every other president before him, Obama is treading a terrain filled with minefields. It is hard to be president, as an outsider, I hope his fellow-citizens do not make it harder for him.

May Obama has the wisdom and the courage to do the right things for mankind. United States of America, I wish you well.

Come visit again, thank you reading this.

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24 thoughts on “Inauguration and High Hopes.

  1. smellytourist says:

    So if enough people have “hope,” then their dreams must be well-founded?
    I’m glad you’re preparing yourself for dissapointment. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who knows Obama’s presidency will leave many unsatisfied.

  2. johnnycat says:

    I’m pretty sure he’s already made the case against some kind of instant cure for our ails. He is truly the leader of the 4th American Republic, or more to form, its Unfortunate Usher. Same as Washington, Lincoln and FDR before him.

    The crunch is going to hurt, but we’ll be alright. We’ll see what happens on the flipside.

  3. Garrett Macfalda says:

    Thanks for the read on my blog, and thanks for your kind words about our new president. I know my country’s reputation has been tarnished recently, but I as well hope that the world can see America as the hopeful beautiful land that it is.

  4. Sylvia Bereskin says:

    What an amazing day it is. I had to get up early and write about this in my own blog ( because it’s just so exciting. Not since I was a child and watched JFK’s inaugural address have I been this enthusiastic about a change of power in the US. The whole world is looking for the change that Obama can bring … if only we’re willing to work together for a better world. Hope that we are!

  5. trebord says:

    A nice, refreshing, reasonable and practical look at this historic day!

  6. TigercatTomorrow says:

    An excellent look at the euphoria and reality of inauguration day today. As a Canadian I can only wish Obama and the American people good fortune–just don’t bury Obama with unreasonable expectations.

  7. Art says:

    Nice post. I agree and I share your wish!

  8. noshtradamus says:

    Amen! If even a quarter of what he plans to do is done, the world will be a much better place!

  9. Megan says:

    The amount of pressure facing President Obama and our new American government is quite high, but I’m confident we truly can begin a new era and move forward — as a country, and as members of the free world! No, everything will not be solved quickly — and most likely not even in the next four years. But we’re laying the groundwork for all of the good changes that definitely will come in time!

    Very nice post, and very kind and thoughtful words. Here’s to a new world and a brand new day!

  10. 16sd says:

    Great site. Thanks for your comment.

    My name is Samson Dada, 17 years old, the Youth Community Correspondent for the North and East Manchester Advertiser and member of Cleland Thom’s premier gold standard mentoring scheme.

    Check out my website:

    Final analysis: “President Obama’s speech was absolutely outstanding. There was rhetoric, deep rooting values and some specifics. Brilliant!

    “Obama did get part of his oath wrong, if you watched it. Myself and political blogger Shane McMurray agree that Obama was extremely nervous.

    “The part of his speech I will remember is his mention about accountability Americans “must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin again the work of remaking America and our spirit is stronger and cannot be broken; you cannot outlast us, and we will defeat you.”

    “Now President Obama do what you have to do- cross party lines, make the odd political concession and do not sleep until you know you have worked for the American people.”

  11. cravensworld says:

    It’s such a relief to have the presidency in competent hands. I think that America will be ok now that we have a clear and common mission. Let’s reclaim our country, all of us together and restore it’s promise. Not just here in the states, but also around the globe. It’s what we have been called upon to do by our new 44th president.

  12. misswolfson says:

    Absolutely and totally agree. I know that e.g. us Europeans place (perhaps too) high hopes on him right now – simply because for the past years we have not been able to enjoy the privilege of having a rational and reliable partner. But I’m sure Obama’s going to live up to a lot of our expectations, as long as we bear in mind that he’s not a magician.

  13. blufolk says:

    Well of course. I think the best (and most efficient) way for Americans to work with the president is simply by having reasonable expectations. There is no doubt that the excitement that comes with change can lead to inflated expectations. I believe the American people will soon see more clearly as time passes.

  14. Marque says:

    Nice post. You’re right to say that a nation is investing our hopes for the future in our new President. He’s invited us to do so. As we realize that a person isn’t worthy of those hopes (nor is a government), it’s our job to realize that the “era of responsibility” means we have to get off our butts and go to work – for ourselves and each other.

  15. raginggenius says:

    Obama can’t help us or fix our problems, only setting our sights on Jesus will do that. Americans got themselves into the mess that we are in because we are so full of “SELF” and have stripped this country of the Lord and teachings of Jesus. We have been filling the holes in our hearts with stuff and stuff to do instead of being a righteous nation, we are a nation of fools. Americans are slaves to the dollar and we somehow think we are free. The best kind of slaves to have are ones that think they are free. Our constitution is being shredded as we speak while Americans are looking for their next I-Pod or T.V. show. The presidency is bought and paid for. Obama is just a puppet for show. Revelation is here.

  16. Jean Melgar says:

    I wish the same. I sincerely wish for world peace and love.

  17. USWeapon says:

    Thanks for jumping over and commenting on my blog topics. I like your blog and its style and I will come back and read more. For those who would like to check out my political blog, you can find it at

  18. suz143 says:

    Thanks for your comment – it’s great to see an American politician with an attitude that says “we need to get up off our backsides and do something to rebuild”, isn’t it? As someone who’s an Irish and American citizen – it definitely hurt to see how Europe has changed its perception of the US over the last eight years. Hopefully Obama will be a vehicle to change these perceptions!

  19. familygathers says:

    Hey cool site!!
    I like your writing! You do a good job!

  20. conglomermark says:

    serendipity hopeful,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for offering your response! Though I am not currently posting comments from people that I don’t know, I did want to let you know that I recieved your comment and to reply to you as well.

    I’m not sure that you understood my post. I wish well for Americans and other countries as too, but I don’t believe that the specific policy issues that I have mentioned are good for either. Therefore, I hope that Obama fails to implament them… that will be good for America and for other countries. My primary issue of concern is that of abortion. It is as difficult to kill a baby as it is to kill an adult, except that they cannot fight back, and God will hold us accountable for such injustice. But even now, one of Obama’s first acts as president will allow my tax dollars to fund and promote abortions internationally, which greatly troubles me. I hope this helps you better understand where I am coming from.

    Perhaps this clip will help demonstrate my perspective:

  21. bingthing says:

    Well … I had a conversation with a friend who voiced very similar thoughts yesterday. And while I agree with the notion that adulation goes before disillusion,that sky-high expectations go before a fall from grace, I also have to say, I don’t *necessarily* see the adulation or the excessive expectation. There’s so much euphoria about Obama simply because of what he’s replacing, you know? And there’s an enormous amount of giddiness around his race. A black man! Our president! What that means, I can’t express, it’s so transformative. I kinda feel … let us just rejoice, let us just be jubilant for a day, for a week. The honeymoon will be over soon enough, and I think we all know it. We as a country and a people CAN grow up, I think, and recognizing Obama’s human limitations is certainly part of that.

  22. tmcchesney says:

    Amen, and here’s to hope and peace! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting – I have enjoyed my visit to your blog as well!

  23. I believe that it is up to all of us to create the change, and even though it is tempting to believe that it is his face on the facilitator of change, it is really US as a nation and a world that are responsible to make it happen. I don’t expect that all of my individual needs and concerns will be taken care of completely, but it encourages me to take some things into my own hands. He is very empowering……

  24. azoptimist says:

    Great photos! Informative post!

    Americans (myself included) can’t expect our leaders to solve all of our problems. Like it or not, President Obama is the leader of the free world (yeah — he got my vote)! I think we need to do away with the entitlement mentality and be willing to put in the hard work necessary to bring about change. After all, nothing in this world is free!

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