Calling all my friends in America, Canada and Europe.

You all are facing a bitterly cold winter this year. How are all of you, I cannot do much to relieve you of the immense discomfort but I want to let you know I care.

Keep your spirits up and if it helps to talk to someone , do feel free to write me.



Come visit again, thank you.

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13 thoughts on “Calling all my friends in America, Canada and Europe.

  1. Love the photo! Yes, it’s very cold in Detroit and like all things in life, this too shall pass! Take care.

  2. sweetiegirlz says:

    Thanks for the comment! It’s Kansas, USA and bearable at around 30 degrees.haha. Cute picture.

  3. Joy says:

    I’m in Minnesota, USA and we have a regular heat wave today at 20 above zero. I’m gonna lay in the sun for a while later 😉

  4. Thanks! We’re expecting a heatwave of 28 degrees today here in Chicago. It hasn’t gotten above zero for 2 days so I haven’t left the house. I may actually put on some shorts today… 🙂

  5. azoptimist says:

    Thanks for your warm thoughts! Great photos, too (reminds me of Tokyo, where I’m originally from).

    We have great winters in Tucson, Arizona (average daytime temp is 72 degrees). How is winter you in your neck of the woods?

    • serendipity hopeful says:

      I’m from the part of the world where we don’t have winter months at all. We have only sun and rain. I’m from Malaysia.

  6. Tor-Ivar says:

    Thanks for the comment! around zero degrees celcius now… so it’s nice and warm 😉

  7. Abigail says:

    Thank you for caring. I am in the Midwestern United States. Yes…it is COLD!!!!

  8. Practicing Catholic says:

    Thank you for your concern! I am in Dallas, Texas, and today was quite beautiful! About 65 degrees Fahrenheit, windy, but very sunny.

  9. naplesgirl says:

    Thanks for the warm thought. I am from central Ohio, where it was -22 this morning!

  10. khazzy says:

    I’m from Puerto Rico, so it’s always hot and sunny here. At night it gets very cold… oh like 76 or so. lol Keep warm everybody!!

  11. Thanks for your concern!!!! We had a couple of days of below zero weather; today, it was back up to a “tropical” thirty degrees farhenheit!!!! We are staying warm and cozy, thank you for asking!!! Greetings to you in Malaysia!!! Peace, V.

  12. amyecotarian says:

    We are near the 45th parallel, (half-way to the north pole!) and it is COLD here. -It’s been -5 F at night and it feels like -20 F w/the wind. The kids have been inside for days and are going stir-crazy. We’ve got plenty of wood to burn and we are staying warm inside. Thanks for your concern!

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