Vietnam – recovering nicely … the last day

The breakfast on the last day of our tour was a leisurely one as there was no fixed itinerary. We headed to a market near our hotel after the breakfast to do some last minute shopping. An Dong market has a wide range of things to entice you to part with your money. There are clothing, cloths, souvenirs, dried foods and fruits, gold and cheap jeweleries, and it even has stores serving meals. This seems a favorite place of the Asian tourists as they could get sea-cucumbers and other Asian delicacies.




After lunch, we visited the Notre Dame Cathedral which is very near the colonial-styled post office.  Both these buildings were legacies of the French.



The last place we were taken to was the former presidential palace. This was where the previous South Vietnam presidents stayed. They were supported by the Americans then. From the things displayed you could still see the opulent life-style they enjoyed. This was the palace which the North Vietnamese army tanks broke through to hoist the victor’s flag on top of the roof.



We went for  a drink of the Vietnamese coffee before we headed off to the airport. To make the trip more memorable the Air Asia flight was delayed for two full hours.

Although the French gave the Vietnamese the alphabets,  the Chinese culture and customs are more ingrained into the Vietnamese life-style. The Vietnamese and the Chinese share plenty of common beliefs and habits. Most major festival occasions are similar and held on similar dates.

Do venture into Vietnam if the chance offers itself. It will be a worthwhile trip in terms of history, human suffering, war experiences and the resilence of human spirits.

Come visit again, thank you.

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