You consider yourself fortunate?

For those who consider themselves fortunate, there is an unforeseen opportunity opened to you in this grim economic environment . This is an unplanned and unexpected opening for us to extend much needed help to the truly deserving.

When times were good, when everything was bright and rosy, when the mood was sanguine and the environment cheerful and optimistic, donations in money and in kind were easy to come by for these deserving organizations which provide care, money and food for the less fortunate.  These caregivers depend largely on public support for their very existence. They would normally received more than enough for their operation.

But in times such as the one we are facing now, when many are losing their jobs, when many are suffering pay-cuts, and many others are unsure how long they can keep their jobs, the fund and support in kind coming in dwindle substantially. Now is the time your support truly counts. This is the time your support will have the greatest impact! This is your OPPRTUNITY!

So, if you count yourselves to be amongst the fortunate ones, do not hold back your contributions. The caring and committed caregivers need your support to continue their works. This is the unforeseen opportunity afforded us to make a real difference in such trying time. This is the time to make a real difference in others’ lives.  Our contributions  count more  when we ourselves are facing the same fears and uncertainty, when we are also tightening our own belts and yet still  willing to give.  Such compassionate actions in such conditions, in such uncertain and pessimistic time, would be more eloquent.

Come visit again, thank you.

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