Vietnam Tour – Recovering nicely – Day Six

We woke up on the morning of the sixth day of our tour at Vung Tau. Before breakfast I took a stroll on the beach hoping to catch some photographic opportunities. I was happy I found some opportunities:


The first destination today was a visit to the Nghinh Phong Hill where the Big statute of Jesus can be found. The statute is at the top of the hill, before reaching the top there are numerous other statutes of biblical nature placed around the garden.





The big Statute of Jesus sits at the top of Nhinh Phong Hill, overlooking the South China Sea. We were told there are only three such statutes in the world (one in Rio D’ Jeniero, another in Portugal and the third is this one in Vung Tau, Vietnam). One can climb a steep, narrow staircase up to shoulders of the statute. The panoramic view from these shoulders are stunning.




After viewing the Jesus statute, we proceeded to the Whale Temple. The story is that this whale saved a sinking ship/boat and had no more strength to swim back to sea. The grateful survivors gathered the bones and built a temple to commemorate this wonderful savior.


We then returned to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) to the War Museum. The snapshots displayed is bound to sadden you – you see the devastation perpetrated on the land and the sufferings inflicted on the people.  I feel both the present population of Vietnam and the tourists should pay this place a visit. This is a grim reminder which all should well remember and work to prevent such incident to occur again.


For dinner , we went on-board the Tau Saigon (Ship Saigon). The food was just mediocre but the novelty and the music made up for it. Our ship and many others were converted for this purpose.  As part of the package, the ships take us down the Saigon River and back.


All in all it was a very hectic day. A typical “appreciating the flowers while mounted on a galloping horse” day.

Come visit again. Thank you.

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