Vietnam Tour – Day Five

Our fifth day in Vietnam turned out to be the 25th. of December, that is right Christmas Day.

This is the day the Christian world celebrates the birth of the Prince of Peace and here we were in Vietnam visiting the battleground of the Vietnam War. Our tourist guide must have a keen sense of history. I didn’t mind as it gave me something worthwhile to contemplate.


The sad fact states that the fatal casualties recorded in this war is 58,159, – a senseless waste of human lives.



These above photos show the intricate underground system devised by the Viet Congs to camouflage their movements and to conceal their whereabouts from the adversaries. These tunnels allowed them to move around the area without detection, even from the air.



The photos preceding this sentence, show the booby traps set up by the North Vietnamese army in their fields  to catch their adversaries unaware and to paralyze them.


These photos show the entrance, the mid section and the exit of the underground tunnel. We took a short tunnel that only took us about 5 minutes to go through. There are longer tunnels, the short ones are for tourists who may not have the stamina and are claustrophobic. The scrunching position required to move in these tunnels can be very demanding and tiring.


The photo on the left shows the kitchen cum dinner area for the soldiers.  This is only a resemblance of the ones built underground. The middle photo shows the ‘boots’ wore by the North Vietnamese army. These are made out of used tires of vehicles. You can now buy them as tourist items. The photo  on the right shows the operating table used during the war time for the seriously wounded. That was all they could managed.


This little mountain of earth hides the air-circulating system of the underground tunnels. Air flows in and out of the holes made inside these little mountains. See the smoke coming out of the gaps in the  snapshot on the right. Smokes from the cooking was emitted through such gaps made in parts of the forests. All these are well-planned out to conceal the existence of the tunnels. Ingenious!

Come visit again. Thank you.

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