Vietnam – photos of the tour

Another new month, another set of photographs for the ‘Flickr’ set. I have posted the snapshots taken during my tour of Vietnam during the Christmas season. Hope they give you the same pleasure I got taking them.

Vietnam is a beautiful country, the impression I got of the people is that they are peaceful and are not too demanding. It seems odd that this country was engaged in a internal strife of thirty odd years.

If you were to visit Vietnam don’t leave the War Memorial out of your itinerary.  The devastation of the country and the sufferings inflicted on the nation and the people were atrocious. I don’t know who was right and who was wrong but I definitely would not wish it upon any nation and any group of people.

Don’t miss the Cu Chi Tunnels, experience going down it and see for yourself the intricate system devised by the Viet Congs.

The Tam Coc sampan ride and the Ha Long Bay junk ride should be experienced.  The natural scenes are nature’s gift to Vietnam. I hope Vietnam has the determination and will to preserve them.

One thing the government of Vietnam can do to beautify its cities is to do away with all the hanging telephone wire lines. As the country gets more industrialized and the people get more affluence, the numerous motor-bikes will give way to cars. So, pollution of the air will be a major concern.

Oh yes, don’t forget to taste the Vietnam coffee and if you were to buy some to bring home, learn the correct way to serve it. Taste the seasonal fruits , too, they are nice.

Wish you the luck!

Come visit again, thank you for reading this.

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