Vietnam Tour – Day Three

On this day we went up a junk to cruise the Ha Long Bay. This cruise is a major tourist activity, there  are numerous junks at the bay ready to take tourists on the tour. Lunch is part of the package of such tours. And there are others which offer nigh stay on-board the junks.




We were told Vietnam has 1969 of such lime stone islands. Vietnam has a very long coast line.

Our trip took up six hours, during which we were brought to the floating platoons where fresh fishes and prawns were sold. The food can be bought and took up the junk to be cooked and served for lunch.


We saw some very nice natural scenery of the sea fills with lime-stone islands and littered with junks and small fishing boats. The snapshots taken turned out to look like paintings.

We climbed up the limestone hills to visit the Thien Cung and Dau Go Caves. Over time nature has crafted some artistic pieces of work in these two caves. It has sculptured some fascinating and beautiful pieces to let your imagination run wild. We climbed Titop Hill to take in the panoramic view of the Bay.



In the evening, we took in a dance performance in which traditional village dances were highlighted. A water puppet show followed. This is quite unique as it portrayed Vietnamese way of life in the rural areas. The artists are very skillful. I appreciate their stamina as they do their work under water.



Hope you get to enjoy Vietnam.

Come visit again. Thank you.

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3 thoughts on “Vietnam Tour – Day Three

  1. Ulla Hennig says:

    Very impressing photos! I’ve never been to Vietnam, but reading your blog post and looking at the pics gives me quite an impression. Thank you for sharing!

    • novice101 says:

      Ulla, my thanks for your compliment on the photos. Visit the country while it the air in the countryside is still fresh. All the best.

  2. azoptimist says:

    The closest I’ve been to VietNam is Thailand. Now you’ve really aroused my “travel bug.” Viet Nam will be one of the many countries I’d like to visit (when my kids are a bit older).

    Thanks for sharing your travels and journeys!

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