Vietnam Tour – Day Two. (Part one)

Venturing out of the hotel on Day Two of the tour the first impression was the French influence on Vietnamese architecture. The most distinctive feature was the buildings are high (usually for three to four-storey high), oblong in shape and extremely narrow across the front!

The other dominant impression was the traffic – the main vehicles on the road are the motor-cycles. They dominate the road scene, they weave in and out of the traffic and squeeze through the tinniest space to get ahead. They toot their horns to signal they are cutting across your path. Once they do that they just cut across, confident they have your attention and have the right of way now. The traffic is chaotic as a result.

Besides the French, the Chinese, the Thais and the Americans had all left their influences on the cuisines here in Vietnam. Because of the close proximity of Vietnam to China, Thailand and Taiwan and that the many of the Vietnamese people have gone over to Malaysia to work and because the United States had been in Vietnam for twenty odd years the shopkeepers, the store vendors and the street hawkers can quote prices of their wares in all the currencies of the above-mentioned nations.

Last night when we checked into the hotel we did not realized that ‘Thong Loi’ is built beside a lake.


Our first site visit was to the Ho Chi Minh’s  Complex where the Mausoleum is situated. The mausoleum was closed on the day so we did not get to view Ho Chi Minh’s remains. The whole thing was structured very much like Mao Tze Tung’s Mausoleum in Peking.


After the mausoleum, we headed for the two former residences of Ho Chi Minh. He was a bachelor throughout his life and he lived a spartan life. Below are photos of the bedroom, the dinner room and the study of his earlier residence.



Next are photos of the bedroom, his study and his declining chair in his later home.

Come visit again. Thank you.


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