A Brand New Year – Start of Fresh New Hopes!

With the start of a fresh new day there is always the hope of a brand new start. But because there are 365 days in a year we usually do not get as excited as  the start of a brand new year.

The start of a BRAND NEW YEAR is on us – 2009 is here!!!

To whoever is reading this post, from this moment on may your days be filled with pure joy and bona fide happiness. May good health stalk your every move. May you never run out of luck and good fortune.

May your concern and commitment for your parents, spouse and children stir up the desire in each of them to strengthen the bond in the family. May each not only wish the best for the other but actually does the best for the other.

May your relationships with your friends thrive on your unselfish contributions in terms of warmth, patience, thoughtfulness and cheerfulness. May each of you encourage the other and all of you be change-makers in your own spheres of influence.

May the first day of 2009 be the start of a wonderful life journey for each of you!!! Let us use the 365 opportunities 2009 is affording us wisely.  Let us come together so that our cumulative effect counts.

I give thanks for the good things in my life and wish you enjoy what I am enjoying.

I thank you for having read this. Do not take too long to visit again.

Care to rate this post before you leave here?.

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51 thoughts on “A Brand New Year – Start of Fresh New Hopes!

  1. iamlillian says:

    Wishing you a Blessed New Year filled with love, joy & peace! =)

  2. Sky Pape says:

    All the best for 2009 and beyond. May the year ahead help renew our sense of wonder and possibility. It all begins with awareness and gratitude. Thank you for your generous wishes and positive outlook!

  3. cinaedh says:

    That’s a very fine, generous message for the New Year.

    I hope your journey will continue to be a wonder.

  4. Neha Sinha says:

    Wish u a gr8 year ahead…

  5. Tor-Ivar says:

    Have a great 2009! 🙂

  6. Maxi says:

    Thank you for commenting on my blog. Hopefully I will be a change-maker in 2009.

    May Your Glass Always Be Half Full

  7. Nikhil says:

    This is such a brilliant and a happy post! Thanks so much! Happy New Year to you too! Have a fantastic year ahead! 🙂
    First time here and I like it already! I’m gonna look around a bit! 🙂

  8. Thank you for stopping by and wishing us a Happy New Year. The New YEar has already started out on a positive note – rather than wake up and have my coffee while slogging through the news, I saw your post first, and my own mood is already lifted, helping me see the positive changes not only in myself but in so many others.

    This is a historic year in so many ways – aren’t we all lucky to be alive to watch it unfold?

    Have a wonderful New Years Day, and keep going in the positive direction you are moving, N101. It helps the rest of us. The collective “we” if you will. 🙂

    I, too, will be back to visit.


  9. Joy says:

    Thank you for the good wishes. I wish the same to you and yours. Have a VERY happy new year.

  10. beautiful sentiment! thanks for putting it out there & happy new year!

  11. ahchooo says:

    hey novice…happy new year as well and may the coming year bring forth the best in all aspects of your life.

  12. piapot says:

    hi, thanks for visiting my site and leaving a comment… may you have a blessed year ahead! you are right to make this year a better one! and i just pray we will! 🙂

  13. paulignatius says:

    A very happy & grace-laden new year to you!! thanks for stopping by at my blog.. 😉

  14. Dhirendra says:

    Thanks for such a nice note and wish for new year. being human, we need to have such positive thoughts all around. more positive thoughts, more powerful other positive thoughts. keep it up.

    I like to comment on something in your about me. you said you are trying to be wise now than right,,, your this statement says you are going towards maturity. it’s time for being wise than right. i agree with that.

    last note on that, you are looking for happiness. i like to say that, MAKE OTHERS HAPPY, that makes you happy and Happiness comes from within.

    with lot love

  15. Urutoraman Kuraudo says:

    all the best for 2009! hoo-rah!

  16. The year is going to be one of the best yet; because, I feel so ready for whatever comes my way……. and with family and friends by your side, there is nothing you can’t handle!!! Peace be with you, Vanessa

  17. What a wonderful, hopeful, positive message, thank you! And YES, I absolutely enjoy what your are doing. Thank you and keep it up! 🙂

  18. alakananda says:

    thank you. and wish you a great 2009 too. well, i’d just posted and there i get my first comment of the year. thank you:)

  19. pmetro says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.
    You have a way with words and your blog
    is well designed for a novice

  20. breedermama says:

    It’s a fresh start, a clean slate. I welcome what this year has to offer with an open heart.

  21. kathaireinv says:

    I wish you all the best as well in this new year! :]

  22. nigeltale says:

    Habari from Nairobi, Novice101, and thanks for calling by with your greetings. Great joy to you and yours in 2009!

  23. utellit says:

    Happy New Year Novice101 thanks for stopping by my v-log with your well New Year wishes. I enjoyed your post as wish you the best in the law of attraction and blessings for the new year. What a great way to start of the year. I will pay it positively forward.

  24. Rich Dixon says:

    What great New Year thoughts. Thanks for your kind comments and prayers for my friend’s son. He appears to be doing better this morning.


  25. alatus says:

    you’re an astonishingly positive person.

    happy new year, and thanks for visiting my blog.

  26. mimosaeffect says:

    Happy New Year! Thanks for dropping by Saturday Scribes.

  27. Bu Yousef says:

    Thank you for your nice comment for the New Year. Nice and positive post… All the best to you and yours.

  28. realtopics says:

    Thank You and a Happy New Year to you also. May the days of your 2009 be filled with joy and happiness; be free of any extreme hardship. God Bless You

  29. asnvirtualservices says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Your positive message will surely bring you many blessings in the New year!

  30. Wow – this is such a great and inspiring post. Thank you – and best wishes to you in the new year, too!

    • novice101 says:

      Writingreading, Thank you for your gracious comment on my post and also for the good New Year wish. I appreciate them both.

  31. bbZuSh says:

    Happy New Year to you too ^^

  32. Rein-adm says:

    Looks like you have been busy these first days of 2009 😀 Thanks for the wishes and all the best to you and yours too. One of my favourite wishes is the one my father always used and now, after 30+ years it’s all the more appropriate in these economic times… “May your children have rich parents!” 😉

  33. Wish you al lthe brest for this new year. May all your wishes come true. Make people around you happy, that’ll be your true happiness.


  34. Jervis says:

    I wish you and the rest of your readers nothing but happiness and joy in all your endeavors. I do hope we achieve our goals and aspirations in life.


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