Monkeys Taking Revenge on trainer !

Thursday, December 18, 2008 – Metro UK

Angry monkeys turned on their trainer – and beat him senseless with his own stick.

Monkeys beat up trainer

The enraged primates struck back after their owner handed out a vicious beating to one of the trio during a performance in which they rode mini bicycles in a market in Sizhou, eastern China.

While one monkey twisted their cruel master’s ears, another pulled his hair out in handfuls and bit his neck.

Then, when he dropped his cane, the third snatched it up and began beating the trainer around the head until he broke the stick.

The dazed trainer confessed: ‘They were once wild and these performances don’t always come naturally to them. They may have built up some feelings of hatred towards me.’

Now police are investigating allegations of animal cruelty and may confiscate the monkeys.

This article was listed under the “Weird” section of the paper. Come to think of it, it is so weird that animals can turn on their trainers? They do have feelings also, don’t they? If they have been mishandled and mistreated, should it surprised us if the monkeys turned around and did unto them what they had been done unto.

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