It is Christmas Day!

It is Christmas Day today, with head bowed, palms coming together and held in front of me, I salute and pay respect to the fine human nature in each of you.

What better way to start the day than to ask good wishes and blessings for each of  you. May each of you be blessed with a  calm composure, a peaceful mind, a serene and healthy life. May you have true contentment and a blessed existence. May you be free of shackles of any kind – may you be blessed with freedom in whichever direction you turn. And may guiding angels always hover over you throughout your lives. May they help you with advices, insights and throw you challenges to spur you to greater heights.

May you be blessed with all the material comforts, may you not be bogged down with financial burdens, and may you find and enjoy a good and productive job. May it give you security and provide you with emotional stability.

May you be blessed with a peaceful, loving, warm, gratifying and meaningful relationship with your spouse and your children. May ceaseless laughter, everlasting happiness, ongoing merriment and continuous mirth be perpetual features of your family life.

May you meet and be surrounded by agreeable, affable,  cordial, cheerful and amicable friends. May support, patience, tolerance, endurance and indulgence picture in all your associations. May you all encourage each other to reach your full potential.

May your links with your extended family be blessed with genuine appreciation, true care, real concern and steadfast support. May each of you treasure the closeness, synergy and the advantages the relationship generates. May you all, in the extended relationship,  appreciate the affinity afforded you.

May you enjoy riches in your heart. May you and all who come into contact with you be blessed with gratitude but, more importantly, may all of you be blessed with the mindfulness to give thanks daily.

May you enjoy riches in your heart. Merry Christmas and may you also choose to spread the the good wishes to those around you!

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One thought on “It is Christmas Day!

  1. simpl3man says:

    And may we find happiness, contentment and success in this coming year and to all the years to come…

    “Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Bagong Taon sa inyong lahat”

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