A Grain of Rice comes with A Hundred Drops of Sweat. (Chinese Aphorism)

What has sweat got to do with rice, you may ask. Sweat here is equated to hard work or price paid. And rice here to some good result or a good thing we receive.

If a hundred drops of sweat are expended to get a single grain of rice, just imagine what amount of work; what price has been paid to harvest a sack of rice. The message is clear, is it not it?

This aphorism is telling us that things do not come free, that for everything we get a heavy price has already been paid by someone. Plenty of sweat has been expended for the result on hand.

If good things are so hard to come by, do you not think they should be treasured? The Chinese sages are also telling us to treasure the things we have in our possession.

If someone has sweated so much to bring the good things to us, if the price that has been paid to deliver the good things to us is so high, do you not think it is only right we should show some appreciation? Should we not be grateful for what had been done for us?  This aphorism is telling us to be mindful  to do exactly this – be appreciative and to show gratefulness.

In this world where things come so easily and where the young and old are taking things for granted, this message is very timely and relevant. Too many years of good times have made us careless and inattentive. We have been spoiled and have been unmindful of our obligations.

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