Mugabe, Mugabe, pray have a heart! A heart of Gold not Stone!

How can  a man get so obsessed with power that he can turn a blind eye to the untold sufferings  and innumerable deaths of his fellow citizens? How did he get to be so consumed with power that he is  prepared to twist the fact and lied with a straight face? Why is his need to dominate so great that he dares blatantly suppressed his conscience just to stay in the seat of power?

Modern technologies have clearly show to the world that cholera is spreading rapidly and extensively in his country, that it has claimed and is continuing to claim the lives of the Zambabwe people. The whole world has seen his people drinking dirty water and eating out of rubbish dumps. But he was seen on television professing that cholera in Zambabwe has been contained. The whole world knows for a fact that this is a lie but this does not seems to deter him.

What is wrong with this man? He ignores facts, he twists facts, he lies to himself and to the world and he defies not only the wishes of his people but also that of other world leaders and that of the majority of the people in the world.

He is not fearful of God, maybe he does not believe there is one. Does this means that he also does not believe that there is the law of cause and effect? This is one man who seems to be unafraid of gods, of spirits and of people. What is going to happen to the people of Zambabwe?

I appeal to you, Mr.Mugabe, pray have a heart, please allow help from outside to go into Zambabwe to help the sick! Please let the sufferings and pains be stopped!

Come visit again. Thank you.

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