If the heart is touched, the feet must match up! (Chinese aphorism)

The words are few, but they are packed with wisdom and practicality.

What this simply means is that it is worthless if one has good intentions but nothing is done about them. We may have the kindest of hearts and the best of intentions but if we fail to take any actions to turn these intentions into reality we would not be changing anything or we would not be helping any body.

Our feet must move if our hearts are touched, what we show  then , is true compassion, otherwise it is just the fake version of compassion.

On each day there are bound to be  sad human stories,  heartbreaking incidences of human tragedies,   disastrous events and/or tragic human dramas that would disturb our consciences and stir our tender emotions. But if our feet do not do the walking then our tears are just crocodile tears!

We are now in the festive mood, we are generally more  empathic, more sympathetic, more altruistic, more generous, and more in the mood to give at this period. Let us not put a brake to these feelings, turn them into occasions in which we really do something meaningful. Act on them!

Kindness, compassion and empathy would not mean very much, as they have no moral authority behind them. To be real, to be effective, to bring true improvements, to benefit the less fortunates, the feet have to walk and the hands have to lift.

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One thought on “If the heart is touched, the feet must match up! (Chinese aphorism)

  1. I hope your translation is right because it is a brilliant message.

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