May More Be Happy?

With the advent of the Christmas season, the festive, lighthearted mood is permeating not only the shopping malls but also the homes.  People are getting merrier, more cheerful and their words and actions are more lighthearted.  Words like love, happiness and joy are appearing more and more frequently in blogs and on the television.

With these beautiful sentiments  stirring in their hearts, they are feeling grateful for the many good things that have come into their lives. They are thinking more of the people who have made a difference in their lives and are most eager to give thanks.

Their hearts are bursting with generosity, magnanimity, benevolence, charity and goodwill. These people will not rest till they find ways to give expression to these stirrings in their kind hearts. They will not stop till they are able to spread the joy and gaiety around.  The outcome can only be a great outpouring of goodness, sharing and caring.

For such gestures to be considered magnanimous and generous there have to have beneficiaries. Who, then, are the beneficiaries?

Obviously they cannot be :-

– those who are decorating their homes,

– nor those who are getting or giving gifts and presents,

– nor those who are planning holidays or trips.

– nor can they be the ones who can afford to shop and buy,

– nor are they those who are planning and having family gatherings and social parties,

– and clearly they are not the ones who can indulge in laughter, merrymaking, fun, jollity and conviviality.

Who, then, are the beneficiaries?

They are:-

– people who can only look into the beautifully decorated homes from the outside,

– those who cannot afford to buy gifts, have not received a gift or a present for more years than they can remember,

– people who have no notion what a holiday is,

– people who can only  sit outside the malls, in the cold, watching others going in and out of these places,

– people whose only parties are gatherings with their own kind in some ‘homes’,

– those whose ‘family gatherings’ happen only in their dreams,

– people whose only meat dishes and hand-made cookies come in seasons – seasons of goodwill  and giving.

Who can explain this disparity.  How can this be explained?

So, for those who are more fortunate, who have more, spread your wealth, your joy, your loving feelings around so that all can be happy. Or, at least, more people can feel the feelings this festive season stands for.

I thank you for having read this. May you be blessed!

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2 thoughts on “May More Be Happy?

  1. If you find the answer to that one, you are a genius. Love this post.

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